While collecting litter there is no need to tidy areas of undergrowth or wildflowers. These areas provide food and shelter for our wild mammals, birds and insects and are vital for their survival. Please retain leaves as they are really important for feeding the soil and their decomposition is part of the ecosystem cycle.

We are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction, a Biodiversity Crisis and an emergency!

Wild Road Verge, photo by Trevor Dines via Plantlife
Wild Road Verge, photo by Trevor Dines via Plantlife

Actions in your community

The main message is to Mow Less, leave the grass to grow to increase biodiversity and to provide food and shelter for insects and birds,

  • Spray less – eliminate toxic sprays from our environment where possible, these sprays are fatal to our wildlife.
  • Plant more native pollen-rich species which will provide the much-needed food and shelter for a biodiversity recovery.
  • For further information on more actions you can do for biodiversity in your community please visit www.pollinators.ie where you will find great resources and plant lists, signage and information for enhancing your wild areas for wildlife.
  • Build a wildlife pond in your community.
  • Further resources on what actions you can take to help biodiversity in your own garden can be found here or watch this video.